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The NME Interview with John, Gary, Peter and Carl
group hug
vegalyra6 wrote in thelibs_daily

Click on each for bigger, readable version (sorry for the watermark):




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I don't care if they do it for money or for banana's, I'm so happy It's real. Thank you for posting this.

Thank you so much for posting it so soon! I really enjoyed it and i get a very positive feeling from all they say. I don't mind the thing about the money at all, i actually like how Pete talks about it.

I was only a little bit disappointed this morning when I saw the cover cos I was hoping it'd be an interview with them together and that there'd be a new photo, but looks like we have to wait a bit more for that.

Yes, I got an very positive feeling from the interview which is unusual for a Libs NME interview. The way Peter and Carl talked (especially Peter) they seem much more willing to put themselves all in this time, some of what Peter had to say I never thought he would admit to. Peter seems to be taking some ownership again...from what I felt from seeing the behind the scenes in no innocent bystanders, the remaining sad part, even in 2010, was how much Peter was still missing and how much the band or peter and carl didn't really get much time together....and the band can't be a band without him...he is so fundamental...so maybe they have gotten past more of whatever might hold them back and learned some lessons about how they will do things this time...I also thought what Peter had to say about the money was really great too! (although I already see some people/journalists misinterpreting it) . The cover was very sweet actually...very books-of-Albion-esque ;)

About the money thing- Maybe i´m stupid, but i didn´t really get what Peter tried to explain while he had his emotional outburst. The only thing i understand is that he obviously tried to justify his decision and his motives but i didn´t undertand his explanation.
And while i´m at it- What exactly did Peter mean when he described their last reunion in 2010, saying "That was almost the prequel to the sequentinal and hopefully reverential reunion proper"?

Thanks in advance...Xx

sorry I haven't had a chance to reply yet...will collect my thoughts about your questions and do so soon-ish!

My understanding of the emotional rant about money from Peter if I can try to paraphrase is this (by the way, anyone feel free to contradict me if they think I've misinterpreted something):

The Libertines were always trying to be successful and be able to make a living with their band and to become famous because of their band. And they have always been about using any means necessary and sacrificing to achieve this. That is why they were struggling for many years to get signed, why they ended up signing to Rough Trade. He is saying that it has always been about trying to make money with their band and to reach a lot of people. And that they have never hidden that. Thus it is ridiculous that people are now accusing them of being hypocritical for wanting to play a big gig! Since that has been what they have always been striving for. However, Peter is also pointing out, with a sense of humour I think, is that this desire is part of the reason that it all went crazy last time, that on the way to being famous and successful and make money, things did end up a mess!...but then he says that having it end up a mess is still worth it, in order to be able to reach so many people/ in such a large venue with their songs ("At least I get to play 'Death On the Stairs' really fucking loud at Hyde Park").

As a side note, I think Peter is ranting/exaggerating to make his point here (that it is silly to criticize the band for this based on some false pure idea of what the band represented) and I think his comments about it ending up a mess do show that he realizes it can't all be about money/success/fame. Therefore I don't think you can take this money (I think 'success' is more accurate term really) motivation completely at face value. For example, I saw journalists taking this one direct quote out of context to mean that they were motivated 'purely by the money' and ignoring all the other quotes about nostalgia and songs and impacting fans. I mean, thinking that they are motivated 'purely by the money' is silly if you know anything about the band, which is a lot more than that, and which in addition to wanting to be successful, is about their songs and friendship...for example, I'm sure Carl and Peter had a impromptu street gig in Barcelona, purely for the 'money'! :) However, I agree with what I think Peter is saying here, in that they should be allowed to be proud of being able to make money and impact a lot of people with their songs and friendship and that they shouldn't be made to apologize for it.

And to simplify Peter's wording "prequel to the sequentinal and hopefully reunion proper" I think he is saying that 2010 was only the first step to what will hopefully be a proper, 'real' reunion.

(hope this helps xx ...or maybe I just made it more confusing!)

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks sooo much for your detailed and very clear answer ;)
I was thinking something along those lines but wasn´t sure as english is not my native language.

And i completely agree with you about journalists taking Peter´s quote out of context and stating that they are "purely motivated by the money"! Such a nonsense, they "cut and paste and twist" as usual, so annoying...:(

"And to simplify Peter's wording "prequel to the sequentinal and hopefully reunion proper" I think he is saying that 2010 was only the first step to what will hopefully be a proper, 'real' reunion."

This made me really happy. That´s a grammatically weird sentence from Peter, but your interpretation makes totally sense ;)

And on a more general note- I´m not really active on here but i´m so glad that this place still exists. It´s such a perfect news source for everything Libs related. Thank you so much for your efforts and for keeping this place alive, vega. It is highly appreciated!

ITA with you both - I can't add anything more to what you've said except to add my appreciation to mariebal's for all that you do, vega.
Thank you :)

thank you so much for posting this <3 guees we have to wait for Carl to post the waited photo on instagram :D

I was really hoping for an interview with all of them, or at least pete and carl together but oh well!

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