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Carl's Q&A

Carl did another Q&A on facebook yesterday evening ...(and also posted a photo of himself in the studio with Marc Almond)

Carl: Evening all, so what we saying then? Lovely to see you again. x

Q: Hey. how are you tonight good sir?
Carl: Getting there, hope you're well

Q: What's your favourite track on your new album?
Carl: "A Storm is Coming" x

Q: Any advice for the "yoof?"
Carl: cry havoc?

Q: Hi carl, hope you're doing fine what's your favourite guitar to play with?
Carl: My trusty old SG but I do flirt with a Fender

Q: How about comin to Sweden anytime soon for a gig or a dj set or whatever?
Carl: I'll be there soon, I do miss dear old dookey when I was in nipper

Q: Any plans for next year tour? Spring maybe? Still hope to see you in Russia or somewhere near it))
Carl: I'll be doing a tour next year and I hope to get Russia on the bill

Q: What place means the most to you?
Carl: wherever my baby is, London I guess...

Q: in your opinion what is the best song you wrote ?
Carl: Death on the Stairs

Q: what's your favourite track to play live?
Carl: Right now, Victory Gin

Q: Hi Carl! What's the one line from any song that means the most to you?
Carl: Happy Birthday

Q: Who is your favourite Beatle?
Carl: George Harrison

Q: What's your favourite smiths album x
Carl: The greatest hits

Q: Did you really think LA/The Valley is a dust bowl?
Carl: When it's hot, it's a well known fact the San Fernando Valley is a dust bowl

Q: If you had one crucial piece of advice for any new up-and-coming band, what would it be and why?
Carl: In Ernest, it's such a difficult time for musicians. The only thing that anyone can truly be sure of that makes any sense; if you mean it, keep doing it

Q: I saw you at the Russell Brand gig in Hammersmith looking for your seat..Did you find it?
Carl: I found the bugger who was in it..and he wouldn't budge

Q: I love the shirt! What do you recommend most for an aspiring poet/writer/musician?
Carl: Saki & Rambo

Q: What sort of things do you wish interviewers would talk to you about instead of giving the same generic, no-research-attempted questions over and over again?
Carl: I love it when they ask about when The Libertines are getting back together and whether I still speak to Pete

Q: When is the album being released?
Carl: Feb/Mar 2014

Q: Are you planning to tour next year?!
Carl: Yep early 2014

Q: which is the most pressing problem in our society today accordantly to you?
Carl: Today I am bothered about tax havens, yesterday I was bothered about tax havens too, so, tax havens right now but check out @theukgold

Q: What is, in your opinion, the best album of all time?
Carl: impossible... sorry. xx

Q: What's the last gig you went to as a punter?
Carl: Glas Vegas - it was blinding and I'm seeing Nick Cave on Sunday

Q: Any new acting project on the way? Theater? Big screen?
Carl: I've been lucky enough to have been cast in a feature next year in France. That's all about all I have to say about that right now.

Q: What you reckon to these plans to ban busking?
Carl: Fucking ludicrous of course, I can't imaging how people will ever let it stick. In fact, everyone should go busking tomorrow, including you!

Q: Your most memorable gig?
Carl: conversely, my most memorable gig was Ray Davies when I was a kid at Glastonbury, I waited all day at the front and sparked a massive bifta when he came on and passed out only to be trampled by the crowd for an hour.

Q: What was your first gig?
Carl: First gig with a famous band was Rage Against the Machine.

Q: What was the first ever song you wrote Carl?
Carl: I wrote a song about motorbikes when I was about 13 because I thought it was a cool thing to write about but it wasn't I found out. Also, one of my earliest memories is skipping across a graveyard singing "As Time Goes By, It's Time To Die" it was more profound than my motorbike song.

Q: I have an odd one - my friends and I have an ongoing debate down the pub, which is 'what is the best squash flavour?' We'd love to know what your thoughts are on the matter (it's summer fruits, right?)
Carl: Ribena fucking obvious

Q: is there anything that inspired you whilst writing your new album? x
Carl: Sparkle donkey and my world at large

Q: Since the sad news about Lou Reed, I was wondering, was the 'do do doo's' in Walk on the Wild Side an inspiration for the 'Get along's' on I get Along? Always reminded me of it.
Carl: Not really, nice tho

Q: What's your fav DPT song and why?
Carl: "The Truth Begins" because I sat around the night before last with Anthony Rosomando and we almost had a little weep about that one

Q: unknown pleasures or closer?
Carl: Here are the young men, where have they been

Q: What are your plans for a next solo album, outta sync ...
Carl: Released early 2014

Q: do you still want to be an enormous fuck off oak tree?
Carl: YES

Q: What happened with your Pinterest ?
Carl: I've lost p-interest :)

Q: what time is the dj set tomorrow??
Carl: 8:30 x

Anthony Thornton: Looking good. Where's me tattoo?
Carl: It's on its way darling, where's that film?
Anthony Thornton: Working me magic on the film... It may require a trip Berkhamsted! Looking forward to the new album. Stay cool.
Carl: I would travel the world for it. Berkhamsted would be a dream

Q: Last song stuck in your head? X
Carl: R. White's Lemonade

Q: Thoughts on the finale of Breaking Bad?
Carl: Walter White lives on

Q: Wouldn't it be nice to be Dorian Gray, forever?
Carl: Why would you want to live in perpetual pain?

Q: Which musicians would you love to jam with? Dead or alive...
Carl: Liberache & Django
Carl: & Stephan

Q: Are your haters motivators?
Carl: Motivation comes from love; even if it's barely concealed love

Q: Have you ever tried Libertine Black Ale?
Carl: No

Q: If you could go to space and play a song, what song would it be?
Carl: Across the Universe..obvious but yea

Q: Are you coming to Germany next year?
Carl: Hopefully if it's on the bill in 2014

Q: If you could have dinner with three famous people (dead or alive), who would they be and why?
Carl: Lou Reed, Oliver Reed and Beryl Reed

Q: Rich tea or digestive?
Carl: bourbon

Q: do you have any plan for touring Japan, Korea or even China???
Carl: We are touring in 2014, hopefully it will be on the bill

Q: what's your favourite band from the 60s?
Carl: There are so many of them, the Velvets and Beatles obviously but now I'm listening to the Chocolate Watch Band

Q: When are you planning to come back in Paris?
Carl: As soon as I have a record out to play ya

Q: So what is your second favourite soup?
Carl: Cup-a-soup

Q: what did you think of the Bask crowd in Bilbao and the beautiful bask country?
Carl: I never tire of Bilbao

Q: Your not on the 'FAMOUS' Grouse anymore then?
Carl: I gotta rotate ya know

Q: What was your favorite part of making the new album?
Carl: To be honest, I haven't worked so bloody hard in years, it seemed like a slog at the time, 16 hours a day without a break for 30 days and 2 nights out in Hollywood with hideous hangovers but I loved it. Having the songs in my hand is the best part

Q: In short, descriptive words can you describe your new album and explain the story behind your favorite track?
Carl: I don't have a favourite track per se and the album is about where I think the world is right now. There is no point me writing in descriptive words about the sound obviously, but suffice to say it is sufficiently guitar driven.

Q: Love your jacket. Where is it from?
Carl: Its a Lewis Leathers Jacket that Paul Simonon designed with Sailor Jerry's booze and they gave to me - lucky me

Q: what movie do you recommend me to watch on Halloween?
Carl: Titanic

Q: if you could listen only to three songs til the end of this year, what three songs would they be?
Carl: I've only got room in my head to listen to the songs I'm writing right now.

Q: Any new book recommendations?
Carl: I am about to read The Master and Margarita

Q: What is your favourite thing you own?
Carl: Freedom and I don't believe in ownership man :)

Q: What are your feelings about pigeons?
Carl: I like pigeons they are the direct descendant of velociraptors (latin for fast thief) Ken Livingston however, is not so keen

Q: Hearing rumours of Libertines at Reading and Leeds 2014 any truth in these?
Carl: News to me

Q: When are you reforming 'The Chavs' ?
Carl: all in good time

Q: Opinions on the NME's 100 greatest albums? Happy that the libs were second?
Carl: I was delighted

Q: Marmite; yay or nay?
Carl: Yay

Q: Remember that someone gave you a bottle of wine when you came to Argentina? Did you drink it?
Carl: Yes I've got it at home. It says 'Men Love Avenue' on it. I'm saving it for a special occasion not as a bender ender

Q: I covered Carve My Name a couple years ago in front of my school,
Carl:Thanks I've seen this before, it's wonderful

Q: That National steel guitar in the studio yesterday, did ya play it?
Carl: Yea but not on the track

Q: Have you ever cheated at words with friends or do you really have all those crazy words in your head?
Carl: I have never

Q: Are you coming to Mexico city ?
Carl: I haven't got a date yet but the prospect of me not coming seems unfathomable

Q: Are you coming to Spain someday?
Carl: Hopefully have it on the bill in 2014.

Q:If you could have a drink with someone from history who would it be? What song defines your childhood?
Carl: My Great Great Great Grandfather George Paul Barat. He was one of the first photographer working out of Paddington y'know. Must have seen a thing or 2... Oh, Scary Monsters...

Q:Is there any change that you might come to the tiny land of Holland?
Carl: The tour will be announced in 2014, hopefully Holland will be on the bill

Q: Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a peg leg? you have to choose one.
Carl: I'm flummoxed

Q:Is there any chance of you ever playing a show or two in New York?
Carl: Hopefully on the bill next year

Carl: Miniature carrots and sweetcorn in the same tin. On a scale of 1 to infinity, HOW FUCKING WRONG???

Carl: Well, I'll have to conclude now for this evening, but it was a delight to hear from you all as usual, I hope at least some of my answers were edifying if not illuminating... I have some pressing details to attend to on the new album, the working title by the way is 'Let It Reign' with which I am delighted. Love to you all. X


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