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Interview with Amy Jo
innocent peter
vegalyra6 wrote in thelibs_daily
In Spanish Vanity Fair (some pics at the link too)

AmyJo Doherty: rock in her veins
- Pete Doherty's sister moved to Madrid in 2006
- She came to Spain fleeing the harassment by the tabloid press
- She started as an English teacher and now has a band, The Ezra Beats

By VERA BERCOVITZ | 8-May-2013

At only eight years old AmyJo got used to lying about her father's profession. She was accustomed to telling her family when she saw a suspicious package near her house. And she thought of a trick for looking for bombs underneath their car. "It was like I was tying my shoes," she says laughing, remembering her naivety. Her father, Peter Doherty, a soldier with the British Army, had accepted the most controversial position of his career, in Northern Ireland, during one of the most tense years of the conflict with the IRA: "Everyone in our family learned to be alert."

AmyJo Doherty (Aldershot, UK, 1978) has a contagious sympathy and a strong English accent when speaking Spanish. Often mistaking verbs "ser" and "estar" and constantly repeats the word "fabiouloso" when speaking of her EP Shake it!, just released with her band The Ezra Beats , in memory of her grandmothers 'Nanny London' and 'Nanny Liverpool'. She's in a bar Huertas in Madrid where she has chosen to do the interview.

Seven years ago this English teacher came to Madrid pursuing a dream and to flee a nightmare. Her dream was to perfect her Spanish to go to Mexico: 'I have a special connection with that country.' The nightmare had a name: Pete Doherty. "My brother had started taking drugs and the tabloids would not leave us alone. When Kate Moss arrived it turned into madness. I invented all sorts of tricks to get information. I was getting information through his manager and calling my 'Nanny Liverpool'. It started to turn into paranoia and I thought everyone was coming to talk to me for being his sister."

Today the Dohertys' lives are a little quieter: "We spent last Christmas together. That was the first time in ten years". She now recalls with humor anecdotes that once were not so funny: "My brother is the Houdini of rehabilitation centers. He escapes from everyone! Once he called us from Bangkok. He was in pajamas and needed money because he had escaped from an isolated monastery in the mountains ".

AmyJo grew up listening to the vinyl collection of her father, playing football with her brother and making bets with her mother at Scrabble: "If I let you win, will you let me go out this evening?" she said once to her mother, a nurse who quit her job to care for their three children, who loved to dress up and organize parties: "Her snacks were fabioulosas. We would invite over all the neighborhood kids and eat chips in newspaper cones."

During the harsh time in Ireland the Dohertys had a miracle: "My little sister, Emily was born there. My mother was 35 and had not thought about having more children," she recalls while asking for her second beer. "She is the most focused of the three of us. She is married and works in the army, following in the footsteps of my father. She spent some time stationed in Afghanistan, but she is now back in England ".

Of all the destinations where she lived with her family AmyJo keeps a special affection for Cyprus: "School finished at one and my brother and I spent the afternoons looking for lizards in the fields". So every move was an adventure. Today her great adventure is her new album: "I have dedicated a song to the Museo del Jamon. That place is amazing".

*Article originally published in #57 of Vanity Fair.

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