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Top Five 4/4: More things that make us think about sex. And also true love.
stairwell; sacreddesire
p_penelope wrote in thelibs_daily
Penelope: Nearing the end here... May I just say that this has been, hands-down, the most complicated picspam mys and I have put together? Fun, but complicated.
mys: oh god yeah. let's never ever do that again, eh? though there was this one idea that we could... *hides*
Penelope: Oh hell, don't mention THAT or they'll never let us out of here!

Penelope: I thought about "top five micshares" but how to pick just five?
mys: *hmmmmm* this sounds like a challenge if you ask me... *cough*

let's see...
Top Five Micshares


mys: Just to make the stripey-shirt people happy. really. no other reason At. All.
Penelope: Nothing to do with the fact that Carl's lips are brushing against Pete's, or the fact that
Carl looks more attractive than any man should after not shaving for a couple of days, or--
mys: as I said. No. other. reason. at. all. *nods* I rest my case.
Penelope: Or the fact that they just look so delectably *sleazy*, or-- OK, shutting up now.


mys: have I ever told you about that thing I've got for Carl's nose?
Especially when it's rubbing up against Pete's cheek? No? weird...
Penelope: Actually you did make a comment about eskimo kisses once.
mys: yeah, and you turned it into some kinky stuff about socks! you vixen!
Penelope: I'm pretty sure it was kinky stuff about cocks, but whatever.



mys: clearly they're kissing behind Carl's hair.
Penelope: That's right, Pete, stop snogging Ben Bailey and give Carl a big smooch instead.


mys: nose on cheek kink. there we go again.
Penelope: Carl's nose must see a lot of action.
mys: ^ ~


mys: (stop me or we'll never get anywhere *sigh*)
Penelope: Oh, please stop showing me photos of gorgeous young men where the
tension between them is so charged the pictures actually crackle with it.
I certainly don't want to see them poised on the verge of swapping some serious spit.
Stop, you brutal thing, you. Eeek.
mys: you know, I *almost* believe you... *almost*

Top Ten Looks

Penelope: mys came up with 'top five looks'. So then I found some, and that's
when we first decided we needed Top Ten in some categories. As you know from the
other three posts, it sort of, well, spiralled from there.


Penelope: Plus Carl's got a cigarette under his guitar strings.
mys: isn't that pete's?
Penelope: God, you're right. I just assumed it was Carl's since I've never seen
Pete do that before. OMG theirloveissounderthesheetsstrings!


Penelope: He's positively LEERING at Pete!
mys: and pete's all 'wheee, camera. shiny flash!' and complete oblivious. le sigh.
Penelope: Missed communication! Actually it's kind of a refreshing change
from all the photos where Pete's gazing lovingly at Carl and Carl's gazing
lovingly at his own reflection in the camera lens.
mys: omg *gigglesnort* you're such a bitch.. in all the good ways, obviously *lol*


mys: if you tear your eyes away from how carl is about to undress pete with *his* eyes...
Penelope: And Pete knows it. See how he's panting at Carl?
mys: hey! *snaps fingers* pay attention, I'm talking!
hello? *whimper*
well, I just wanted to say that I love carl's guitar. there. said it.
go back to drooling over the boys. *sigh* some people...
Penelope: Oh! are they holding guitars? As well as panting at each other?
mys: yeah, i thought you might have missed that little detail. and not heard the music,
over their heavy breathing... *snort*



Penelope: 1) Andrew Kendall has my undying gratitude and
2) Damn, I love the way they stare into each other's eyes while
singing, as if the only thing going on for them is each other.
mys: this picture really *is* a perfect example of the whole
'on stage, mic share, stare at each other, omg I can't believe how much I love you'-thing
they've got going, isn't it? *sigh*


mys: so. much. love.


mys: you luuuuuurve the stripey shirt
Penelope: *long-suffering sigh*


Penelope: This is my favourite. Wait, they're *all* my favourite.
I think this is our best picspam ever, mys. We may have to retire after this one.
mys: awww, don't say that. just because you managed to put three pictures of carl from the pete-in-drag
(I first wrote that as drag-in-pete o_O) night in it, it doesn't mean we have to throw ourselves off a
bridge now... really! I'm sure if we try hard enough we'll be able to top this. somehow.
though I think the shoe-spam might not be the best way...
Penelope: Well, it's not going to be top five photos of Pete licking Kate Moss's face, I can tell you that much.


Penelope: Gazing into his eyes *and* caressing his cheek tenderly. *fans self*


mys: yeah...
Penelope: Yeah. *mutual happy love* And that's just mys and I!
mys: *rubs head against your belly* *purrrrrr*

Top Five Love From Behind Photos:


mys: if you cut off another half inch from the bottom of that picture,
it would look like they're both naked behind their guitars....

Penelope: Pete could be naked. Definitely.
mys: what do you mean 'could be'?
Penelope: God, how'd that typo get in there? I meant "is", of course.


mys: you luuuurve the stripey shirt...
Penelope: If Carl would just stop doing sexy things in it my life would be so much better.
Doesn't he still have that black Dior shirt?
mys: well, he's worn it more than three times, hasn't he? which means he's clearly thrown it away...
Maybe Annalisa (who-is-a-lovely-person) likes it. *loses any respect I may have had for her*
mys: well no... have you *seen* it on any recent pictures? no? see! now calm down,
take deep breaths and go, pet the zebra or something...
omg! I only just now made the stripey-shirt - zebra connection.
OMG!! No wonder I love the stripey shirt so much! *petsit*


mys: carl's nose. on pete's cheek nose... *happy sigh*


mys: *pets their noses*
(god, I'm getting odder by the minute o_O)
Penelope: I didn't want to say anything until you brought it up, but, well,
your friends are concerned about you so we've decided to stage this intervention...


Penelope: ... and show you what you should be petting instead of noses.
mys: owie... belly hurts. *lol* and to imagine just 24 hours ago you were afraid
I was a minor and meant to take back all the kinky things you ever said to me.... tztztz...
*pets their noses*

Top Five Almost Kisses
mys: can I just state that those 'almost kisses'
most of the time involve more tongue than most 'actual kisses'? just saying...
Penelope: I always wish that the photo had been taken just two seconds later,
when their tongues met and-- yeah.
mys: your brain is a happy place to be...


mys: you know... what with you saying that this is our best picspam yet and
what with there being more stripey-shirt pictures than in any other we've ever made,
I'm sort of getting the feeling that someone's protesting too much... *whistles*
Penelope: What? You're the one who picked all these photos out!
mys: did i? well, what can i say...? zebra? *looks cute*
Penelope: Despite the fact that we share a brain occasionally,
the omgzebra! *petsit* thing only works on you. You'll have to try harder.






mys: what? i like steve... *pouts*
Penelope: Nothing, just that that's six almost kisses.
mys: yeah, but it's *steve* so it doesn't *count*... or something.
Penelope: Move it along, folks. Nothing to see here.

Top Five Kisses



mys: I know I say this with every second picture and all the time but... favourite. picture. EVER. just... omgpete! look at him!
Penelope: That's why these are the top five faves, right?
And Carl, with his hair all slicked back from where he sluiced some water over it after he and Pete got off in the toilet...
mys: *lol* actually, he's got a what-his-name from maximo park- hair-do there... awww!!
Penelope: Erm ... except for the minor detail that Carl is HOT HOT HOT while maximo park what's-his-face is NOT NOT NOT.
mys: Paul Smith! I needed to pipe up and say this, now that I remember or
uponthesea is gonna hunt down and kill me *hides*
Penelope: It's all right, we'll give her good things in the morning to placate her.




Top Five Hugs:


Penelope: Hey, everybody! mys has this saved as 'cuddly'! Isn't that cute?
mys: *bites your nose*


mys: *happy sigh*




mys: *points at NME caption* *nods*
Penelope: Let it never be said that the NME writers
suffer from a tendency to hyperbole.


Yeah, that really does sum it all up, doesn't it?

Woooooooo some of these were new to me! And the best pictures ever! and made me sad :( In a good way!

~Wanders off to write letter~
Dear Mr Barat
It has come to my attention that when you were with Pete (gay-ly or not), you were a lot happier. So I think you should get back together and create some more homoerotic subtext. Just for us fangirls. Please

Think it'll work?

if you write 'best regards' to make it look all buisness like... I'm sure then it will *nods*



And mys and penelope too!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

*grins* we really will have to retire, won't we? *sigh*


their gazing at each other while performing is my biggest kink ever. cannot leave a proper comment. this is the obviously the most important picspam of our generation. obviously. *thud*

*revives momentarily* and i love everyone. god the world is so beautiful.

I am in serious love with you. *dies happily*

*lol* love is always good, no matter where it comes from...

Sweet day in the morning... *twitches*

Twitching is good, right? Just checking.

Penelope: It's all right, we'll give her good things in the morning to placate her.
oh noes. it's evening. *lol*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Awww! And that's such a perfect way to start a picspam! *nods*
*grins* I thought you might like that and forgive me for the paul comment. though now, every time i see that picture i think 'omg he looks like paul! - - wait, i thought that before' *lol*

) That one is *so* hot. Why haven't I seen it before? *purrr*
cause we would be rid of our jobs otherwise? *lol*

9) Carl's guitar is the prettiest thing ever. Well, almost.
it is, isn't it? and I've never seen him play that one again but it's *SO* gorgeous... meh!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Happiest picspam ever!!!

But Carl needs to do some of the kissing! I mean, we all know Peter kiss everyone he meets, but surely there must be some photographic evidence of a Carlos-kiss as well? Right?

i wish i could say there was... *whimper*

Yaaaaayyyyy I can't stop grinning. x

we like making people happy *Grins*

I'm almost crying from all the gay gorgeousness. Best picspam ever. I love you girls so much! xxx

we really will have to retire after this. feck. *grins*

oooh, your icon is lovely!!

Happy, happy, happy :)

The look on Pete's face in no.36 is just bliss. <3

Yes, that's a good one. And he sang 'Happy Birthday' to Carl that night, which is so sweet!

mys: your brain is a happy place to be...
best quote yet! am stealing it for my book, will credit you in the back and you will be forever immortalised

adn why have i never seen #35 before?? where is it from?

steal away :)

35 is from when pete got out of jail and carl went to pick him up...

just when i think i've died completely, when there is no death left for me to give over, that there is no possible way you could outdo the picspam's you both have done before...

then this post.
these pictures.
these themes.
those boys with all that love. sex. tongues. kisses. mic sharing. love.


dunno that you could EVER do better than this, but then again the two of you are so fabulous i'm sure you'd take my life again.

thank you for these.

lucy *

mys came up with almost all the categories and pictures; I just tried to keep up with her as best I could!

And yes, I doubt we'll ever top (ha) this one. Just as well; if we kill all the fans, who will be left to fangirl Carl and Pete shamelessly?

Thanks for your lovely comment!


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