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Comic again!
klammerauf wrote in thelibs_daily
Finally here's the second episode of our comic, you can read Episode 1 - The Supergroup here.
It takes some time to load so please be patient. But you can print the 5 pages on A4 if you like.

Episode 2: The attack of the giant banana (by saywhatyousee & klammerauf)
"The Dirty Shambolic Libertines go on holidays to Bumsexisland and have a walk on the wild side!"

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thanks again for helping us with the tree joke! i knew there was something like that but its always hard to make sure that everyone gets it, especially if its ... penis related!

and do we want to know WHERE carl doesnt need sunscreen? i mean, anthonys arms are pretty long...

You know the terrible thing? That's actually based on a real life experience lmao! Some boy randomly said it to me in maths a few years ago and I've never forgotten it haha! Luckily it came in handy ;)

bumsexlandpaint has really broken me. You said long arm and all I can think is ARM COCK! ARM COCK!

p.s. I'm so sorry you got my comment like 5 times I kept fucking it up!

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