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Comic again!
klammerauf wrote in thelibs_daily
Finally here's the second episode of our comic, you can read Episode 1 - The Supergroup here.
It takes some time to load so please be patient. But you can print the 5 pages on A4 if you like.

Episode 2: The attack of the giant banana (by saywhatyousee & klammerauf)
"The Dirty Shambolic Libertines go on holidays to Bumsexisland and have a walk on the wild side!"


I like Gary's Banana Gun of DOOM.

*squee* So glad you updated this...I just lol'ed so much my boyfriend (who was in the next room) got worried and came to ask if I was ok.

if you love a woman
*mumble* it must be peter *mumble*

you are a master. obviously, these are the real lyrics of the song; Annalisa or someone must have made him change them, thus the shitty 'you mustn't beat her' lyrics that we now have.

thank you!
actually the if you love a woman lyrics are penned by thatimayloveyou (she's the genius here) and she let us use them for this episode!
and i'm sure it was either annalisa or alan mcgee who forced him to change it in order to preserve their straight image. same with the super gay dpt pictures that disappeared from the official website... ;)

Hahhahahaa *loves*
I always knew kate was up to something!


oh man, i almost choked on my tongue laughing at that, hahah..

this is amazing!

and gary is totally the best part of this :)

I love this so much haha! I'm glad you let me help :D

I could still keel you for putting Josh with Franzi though *glare of d00m* Luckily I like Franzi so I'm willing to share ;)

BANANA POWER! I bet Carl's felt that before ;)

I'm thinking Anthony has an alterior motive for that sunscreen! Anyone remember the famous song bumsex on the beach?

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Holy lollerskates!!!! This series is some of the greatest intarweb crack I have ever come across...and I consider myself quite the connoisseur. Bravo! or Brava! You choose.

I was wondering why Test Icicles called it quits so early... It was obviously to become a Beachboys tribute band at a gay resort. :)

And John with JD and tortilla chips is the most hilarious thing ever. Seriously, this should win a Nobel Prize or something. Fucking brilliant.

lol I love everything about this comic. :)
Haha Gary attacking Kate!

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oooooooooooooh fishies!

Ah, I knew I had seen that somewhere before, and it still cracks me up.

i was literally LOL to this while - er - cleaning my teeth.

the libs made me choke on toothpaste.

so many fab little details. will have to re-read in more detail tonight.

thankyou!!! nice work


i adore it
it makes me laugh and cry and squee!

i think the picture with everyone on the beach and peter petting a sleepy drew is my favourite!!!

i was waiting for you to comment on tom, josh and marv topless in their bathing suits underwear.. lolz