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Comic again!
klammerauf wrote in thelibs_daily
Finally here's the second episode of our comic, you can read Episode 1 - The Supergroup here.
It takes some time to load so please be patient. But you can print the 5 pages on A4 if you like.

Episode 2: The attack of the giant banana (by saywhatyousee & klammerauf)
"The Dirty Shambolic Libertines go on holidays to Bumsexisland and have a walk on the wild side!"

READ EPISODE 2!Collapse )

Fucking genius!!! Never stop making these, guys!

The dead Kate Moss (muahaha!) with the discarded banana peel made me laugh out load!

Seriously, I'm printing this out and sticking it on my fridge! :D

you guys are genius!

i feel honored about my little contribution!

there were so many moments that made me laugh, i could just quote the whole thing..

but i do have lots of love for john after this!!!

That cracked me up!


Hahahaha, best part so far! Gary with the banana. :)

Hahaha. Brilliant! *applauds*

I demand The Strokes and/or Adam Green to be in one of the next chapters, because I'm obsessed.

*cough* Don't mind me!

Aaah, this explains so much! Bananas = Kate Moss' kryptonite!

Pure magic, this whole thing! *loves*

That's it. I demand you let me print this out and distubute it to all my friends! XD

I delare this is the greatest form of crack!fic (if you can call it that) on the internet *christens with bottle of John's Jack Daniels*


Oh you guys... Luckily Kylie likes me :P

&why do I know people like you two.... WHYYY????!
yo! im tom.


Peter, there´s a nice tree I´d like you to climb, hhehehehehee.....
[and peter crying after that].....I loveeee the final....brilliant

XDXDXD Keep it going, keep it going.

*weeps with laughter*

You are my hero.

and he turned 13, btw. LMAO.

this episode is just ACE my dears! <33 love it!
and thanks for letting gary kill kate. otherwise i would've done it.

but omg, how come there's no lloyd on bumsexisland?! 0_o

(Deleted comment)
ja, das ist mir auch aufgefallen, wir hatten diesmal nicht so viel zeit, das korrekturzulesen.
aber danke! :)

Das ist total klasse geworden!
Ich musste beides mal so lachen....
es muss die dritte Episode folgen,sag ich da nur!!!!