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(no subject)
myska_x wrote in thelibs_daily
Icons. Tons of them.

43 ... 44 ... 45

1 ... 2

3 ... 4

5 ... 6

7 ... 8 ... 9 ... 10

11 ... 12 ... 13

14 ... 15

16 ... 17

18 ... 19

20 ... 21 ... 22

23 ... 24

25 ... 26

27 ... 28

29 ... 30 ... 31 ... 32

33 ... 34 ... 35 ... 36 ... 37

38 ... 39 ... 40 ... 41 ... 42

43 ... 44 ... 45

46 ... 47 ... 48

49 ... 50 ... 51 ... 52

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ooh, all those snippets of lyrics. cannot wait for the damn album....

v good icons! esp anthony. i could do with a bit more... hehe. mmm!


ooooh... i saw your 'i believe in love' icon somewhere and had to safe it just to look at it every now and again because I got slightly teary eyed when I looked at it *blushes*

only two more weeks. only two more weeks. only---

the resolution on that is fucked. but original is okay.

speaking of getting teary-eyed i was reading the lyrics to B.U.R.M.A. last night and if that doesn't make you cry...

I’ve been re reading letters
They were moving warm but bitter and I cried right through them all
Be upstairs ready my angel
Be ready when I call
And then my angel I’ll be ready too and I will catch you when you fall

Do you remember like I remember
all the dirty things you said?
Do you remember like I remember
Or was it all in my head?

So when the dark times come well I will song you a good time song
Im pretending that it’s ending but it kills me to act so strong


poor baby carl.

killing of his own demons indeed. yeah right.


i know! I think the whole "just to gaze in your eyes makes all the difference to me" bit is really cringe worthy but the rest of those lyrics? *whimper*

i know - i thought i deleted that bit ... ah, i did : )
the bit about re-reading letters. i dunno, it always gets me when boys write lines like that.

*lol* you did, i just can't get it out of my head because it's THAT bad, but yeah, the other lines more than make up for it!!

ZOMG!These are brilliant...

Is it normal/sane that without having heard BURMA I know the lyrics by heart?

i love almost all of them, wonderful hun!

my faves are 19,26 and ALL the Pete's =oD

Keep up the great work dudette! :)

I took 16, have credited! Thankyou!

Wow, when you said you were in an icon making mood I didn't think you meant this much.

The sassy!didz ones are excellent.

I've still not decided what I'm taking, they're all so good.

*lol* icon making mood *always* means 10000 icons for me.. i'm dorky like that

thank you, glad you like :D

(Deleted comment)
thanks, i'm glad you like them :D

love the lyrics, taking a bunch, esp. the last few pete ones.. i'm oddly addicted to that nme photo! will cred. ♥

i love that picture so much. it's the fringe!!

yes, thats exactly it.♥

i mourn the loss of the fringe..

i really like them! especially the sassy!Didz ones :)

I take a couple if i had one of those, yanno, paid accounts *shifty eyes*

sassy!didz is love *wuvs him*

Would you mind showing me the pics for these icons? I think I have some of them, but not all. :(

you can find all of them on dptband


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