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jimmy stewart.
chasingwords wrote in thelibs_daily
For black_paws

BabyShambles @ Carlow, 17th April 2006
^^^Click here for 40 more^^^

Fantastic show >.> Ignore the ones of me lol.

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Aww, a dedication <3
Thank you so much.
I think I already have the ones with you, posted in peteislove.

oh peter. nice lipstick.


:) When I got home I was washing up and getting a shower and I looked in the mirror and I had lipstick all over my ear where Peter kissed me..I hadn't even noticed he was wearing any when I was there, and then I noticed it on Niamhs cheek in the photos

ahaha that's the best part of your story

Awww. I like him better skinny. :)

that's the nicest outfit peter has worn in months! and he always looks healthier when he's got a guitar instead of stumbling around the stage. ♥ or maybe i'm just in a good mood today, lol.

He actually did look really healthy, and when we were chatting to him he was really with it..bless

i am so tired that i read "babyshambles at carlos" first and i nearly fell from my chair...

thanks for the pictures! it's also really good to hear the show was great. and that you got to talk to them! sounds a lot more accessible than babyshambles recently seemed.

Wow! How'd you get VIP?

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