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NME scans
curious cal
vegalyra6 wrote in thelibs_daily
Courtesy to-be-frank44

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thank you Lovely Girl:)

I was hoping for this, THANK YOU!!

So which is it, Carl, you had to totally change like you said to The Independent, or you haven't changed at all?

He's talking about different things, some had to change (drink habits etc.) and other not (his rebellious mind etc.) Like all of us, Carl isn't all black or white.

I was being a bit facetious.

But I don't know, I guess I'm just getting weird deja vu. The article in The Independent was giving me weird flashbacks to when DPT first came out.

peter in rehab, carl talking so positively about a new libs album... I still don't quite believe it all

yes, it is still almost hard to believe, how well everything has been going...I feel like we're/they're in a bit of uncharted territory.

it's hard work being a libertines fan, I think we're all still in shock that this is actually happening

thank youuuu. I love that even Carl has to pinch himself!

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