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Libertines in Chile and Argentina.
doasyouplease wrote in thelibs_daily

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, don't let this place die. I've been here for almost 10 years and it used to be one of the only places (if not the only one) I could get some daily info of the band I love most in the time I live in (Can't beat The Clash, thou :p)

And, you know, after all that waiting and hoping, and thinking I will never get a chance (Uk it's far from Buenos Aires, and way too expensive for me) I did get to a Libertines concert. Twice. (Chile is not that far and expensive)

So here you have some pics, and links and things about it:

Libertines in Chile: (Took them with my phone, as impossible as that may seem to 5-years-ago me)

And now some good ones:

Then, they went to see Chile Vs Perú, but you got that in Pete's twitter.

And then they came to Buenos Aires. I didn't take pics because I ran out of batery...I don't care.

Here some beauty ones:

And then Pete stayed and did 2 solo shows...

Day One:

(I'll update as soon as they upload the day 2 pictures.)

And a nice tale of Pete's days in Buenos Aires: (I need some sleep, hope someone can translate it)


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Thanks for sharing, hope you enjoyed the gigs!

ah it was so great. Came over from europe to see the Sao Paulo, Chile and BA shows. Such a pleasure!!!

I killed my cam so no pix from Sao Paulo,

but some bad fan videos from Chile and BA:

Gunga Din - Chile

Tim For Heroes - Chile

Don't Look Back Into The Sun - BA

Heart Of The Matter

Great to see some new posts here! Thanks!

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