Libs at Clockenflap Festival today
group hug
Press coverage by South China Morning Post

Short video clips from instagram:
Coming onstage + Peter singing 'The Hills are alive...': &
Vertigo: &
Horrowshow: & &
Fame & Fortune: &
Can't Stand Me Now: & & &
Boys In The Band: & &
Death On The Stairs: & &
Music When The Lights Go Out: & & &
Gunga Din:
What Katie Did: & <- micsharing & & &
Last Post On The Bugle: & &
Ha Ha Wall:
Tell The King, "Hong Kong & Mexico": &
Time For Heroes: &
Good Old Days:
What A Waster: &
Up The Bracket:
Don't Look Back Into The Sun: & & & & <-micsharing
Peter Throwing his guitar:
Cool footage from crowd view: &
End of Show bow: &
DJing after by the whole band: &

some photos from instagram below the cutCollapse )

Carl on his favourite song
carl gaze
From BBC Music:

NZZ Peter & Carl Interview
road 2 albion hug
Interview from this summer at Zurich Open Air Festival from (via tipsylane/kallima on tumblr)

modified google translate version below the cutCollapse )

Youtube videos from Corona Capital
leeds mic share
all below the cutCollapse )

Also via Albion Room youtube channel

Don't Look Back Into the Sun from the stage:

And arrival at airport footage:

Press coverage of Corona Capital
writing on the wall
Reports (some very brief) from:
20minutes (google translate)
El Universal (google translate)
La Razon (google translate)
Jornada (google translate)
Sopitas w/photos (google translate)
Ibero909 (google translate) - pregig report
Chilango (google translate)
Boveda Sonora (google translate)
Guilty Mag (google translate)
Quarter Rock Press (google translate)
El Fanzine w/ photos (google translate) w/photos (google translate)
FilterMexico w/photos (google translate)
Ibero909 gig review w/photos (google translate)
Excelsior (google translate)
El Grafico (google translate)

Also photos from Lifeboxset & Chilango & Maspormas & Tono & Daniel Patlan Update: & Rolling Stone Mexico & Perry Skegness

'End of Mexico City show'
group hug
Video posted on Libertines facebook

And also video of the beginning of the show by Chilango:

Periscope links of Libs Live at Corona Capital etc...
group hug
[have been updating this...]

Periscope links:
Intro & Delaney, Horrowshow:
Intro & Delaney:
Horrowshow, Vertigo, Can't Stand Me Now:
Fame & Fortune, Time For Heroes:
What A Waster, Up The Bracket, brief Albion, I Get Along, Don't Look Back Into The Sun:

And shorter video clips:
Can't Stand Me Now: & & &
Fame & Fortune: & & &
Music When The Lights Go Out: & & & &
Vertigo: & &
What Katie Did: & & & (<-micsharing)
Death On The Stairs: &
Boys In The Band: &
Don't Look Back Into The Sun: & & &
Time For Heroes: & &
What A Waster: &
Up The Bracket: & &
'Carlito and Los Libertines': & &
End of Show: &
Last Post On The Bugle:
Albion, briefly:
Gunga Din: &
Tell The King:
End of Show Bow:
Good Old Days:
Music when the Lights Go out by crowd, Peter hand gestures, Carl hug: & & & &

And a mic-sharing photo:

more instagram and twitter photos below the cutCollapse )

'For This is My Body'
carl with drink


Carl's film premiered Nov 14th at Geneva International Film Festival

Photos from the premiere:

below the cutCollapse )

And a short interview with Carl at the premiere from Hebdo (google translate version)

Also stills from the film: 1 2 3 4 5

picspam of these below the cutCollapse )

Libs in Mexico!
lib or death
Video from instagram of them arriving at the airport:

A few more photos and videos from instagram, twitter and youtube below the cut- updated since first postedCollapse )

Update and from Carl's instagram:

"The hand and bapple"

Happy 46th Birthday to Gary!
group hug

(Photo from Reading 2015 by Pier2Pier Photography)


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