Carl at the Grenfell Tower Recording
Carl took part in recording the single Bridge Over Troubled Water, to support the families of the Grenfell Fire.

He didn't sing a solo line and these are the only musician credits in the article:

Tokio Myers - Piano
Pete Townshend - Acoustic Guitar
Brian May & Nile Rodgers - Electric Guitars

But here he is:

 photo 988e1e6400196a0cd6ede49b3f7be2e7.jpg

Here's the video. I'm still playing Spot-the-Carlos tho:

Libertines in Chile and Argentina.

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, don't let this place die. I've been here for almost 10 years and it used to be one of the only places (if not the only one) I could get some daily info of the band I love most in the time I live in (Can't beat The Clash, thou :p)

And, you know, after all that waiting and hoping, and thinking I will never get a chance (Uk it's far from Buenos Aires, and way too expensive for me) I did get to a Libertines concert. Twice. (Chile is not that far and expensive)

So here you have some pics, and links and things about it:

Libertines in Chile: (Took them with my phone, as impossible as that may seem to 5-years-ago me)

And now some good ones:

Then, they went to see Chile Vs Perú, but you got that in Pete's twitter.

And then they came to Buenos Aires. I didn't take pics because I ran out of batery...I don't care.

Here some beauty ones:

And then Pete stayed and did 2 solo shows...

Day One:

(I'll update as soon as they upload the day 2 pictures.)

And a nice tale of Pete's days in Buenos Aires: (I need some sleep, hope someone can translate it)


On the road again..

the boys are roadripping to Biarritz ...Petes and Carls Twits alight with fun things 😃
First Carls cowboy moment:

Then Peter followed it up with his snap for the family album:Carl and the Bouboumobile :)

Libertines in Paris, reviews
It's been a month, and the reviews aren't translated but I had the links saved...

Reviews (all positive)Collapse )

WHat's happening here?
Are we going to let this community die?

April Rainers interview at Boogaloo
group hug
After the Feb 27th gig:

Libertines in Paris 9/3/16 livestream
lib or death

There's also some youtube links for today's show(?) posted tomorrow (?):

Peter solo tour annoucement
innocent peter

leeds mic share
Some reviews (all positive):
DeMorgan (google translate)
Musiczine (google translate)
Da Music (google translate)
Nieuwsblad (google translate)
DeMening (google translate)

Photos from: DeMorgan & Jean-Marc Pierard & Musiczine & Whitters_77 & MotherLoveMusic & Jungamee & Jacqueline Bouvier & Lies Vercaemere & Pauline D: 1 2 & Steve Verspeet: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

A couple photos from Peter Doherty twitter:

A few video clips:
Heart of The Matter:
What Katie Did:
Good Old Days:
Gary dancing: & & &
Don't Look Back Into The Sun:
End of show:

some youtube videos below the cutCollapse )

The April Rainers...
group hug
They've made two music videos (one with Roger Sargent)

A few band photos by Steve Burgess: 1 2

And two videos from their London 27/2/16 gig:

Whether Girl

Intercity 125


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