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In an interview with Gigwise

You once met your hero Pete Doherty in a Eurostar lounge. Has he kept in touch?
Not at all! He probably doesn’t know this but I have some of his blood paintings. A friend of a friend had them and said “I'm not really in love with these. I don’t know why I have them as I’m not really a big Pete Doherty fan”. I said ‘I’ll have them! How did you ever come to be in possession of them if you’re not into them?” If you’re reading this Pete, I hope this doesn’t freak you out. He was just such an icon in my teenage years and still is to me. I’m so glad he’s alive. I really am - there was a long time there where it looked like he might not be. He’s so fucking talented, lyrical and brilliant - I’m very very glad he’s still with us as it would have been too sad.

You've mentioned on KCRW that the 'Time For Heroes' line "There’s fewer more distressing sights than that of an English man in a baseball cap" resonates with you - what topic would you like the Libertines to tackle next?
If the Libertines could write a song about why it’s ok for an Englishman to love the NFL that would be great. I’m an oddly "secret American" now. I love being there and I think there’s something "American" about me - I’m incredibly enthusiastic and energised most of the time and that’s something we often take the piss out of Americans for. I think I fit in.

With the Libertines, I’m just glad there will be another album: I’m so excited for the prospect of that. I would love Pete to record on an album another version of 'East Of Eden' - but still pared down. I found a version years ago that was the most perfect sweet version of the song and I do not know where it is. It was when I was doing a lot of Limewire illegally downloading things and I do not know where it went. So re-record that Pete and Carl!

Video of that interview
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Carl, Gary & John attended the Q-Awards...
Peter & Carlos
... to award 'Best Live Act' to Kasabian.

libssss q

- which is all fine and dandy, but I think my main takeaway from this day was the interview Carl (and Gary) gave (which you can listen to right here), which featured the following amazing quote from Carlos:

A record would be good, wouldn’t it? I’m off to go start writing, going to make the headway on the scout party with Peter - on holiday in a sunny place in about five days, and we’re going to go take it from there, really...

So I think the entire fandom is now eagerly hoping for holiday snaps on Carl's Instagram of the both of them on the beach (featuring swimming trunks and Peter licking Carl's face, again).

Seriously though, so happy that they're actually making plans and want to write new material and that they're approaching this all in such a sensible manner.

Who'd have ever though this would happen?


In other news, some more backstage pictures from the German gig emerged, this one being my favourite:

libsss germany

Carl, John & Gary at the Q Magazine Awards tonight
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More photos (watermarked) at Getty Images

Some brief footage of Carl, John & Gary arriving

Gary & Carl presented the Best Live Act Award

Video Interview with Carl w/ Absolute Radio talking about the Libs:

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Audio Interview with Carl & Gary w/Audioboom talking about the Libs

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And speaking of sunny holiday destinations, Peter has been spotted in Thailand: 1 2

Carl Radio Interview with XFM 9/10/14
misty carl
Carl Barat: My New Solo Album Was Written On A Guitar That Pete Bought Me

Speaking with XFM, Carl Barat has revealed that his new record was written on a guitar that Pete Doherty bought for him. Barat was in to speak with Danielle Perry about his new solo project, Carl Barat & The Jackals. When asked about the equipment he'd be taking on tour with the new band, he revealed it would be a piece of kit that Pete Doherty bought for him. "I've got a new guitar that I've only been using with The Jackals, Pete bought me it when we did the first reunion in 2010…we did a press conference at The Boogaloo in North London but there's a shop called Wild Guitars up there and we said we'd buy each other a guitar. He bought me that, and then he chose one that wasn't more expensive. He bought an old Spanish guitar that looked pretty but was a bit knackered. I think he regretted that choice down the line." On the rumours about Jack White producing the new [Libs] record, Barat said "no one's asked him yet, but for the record it could be mind-blowing or a catastrophe." The [Jackals] album is expected to be released early next year.


...Can't find a link to listen to full interview yet though

Update: Here's the full audio

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Japanese Interviews from 2003/2004
after reading hug
Kombusensei on tumblr has very kindly translated some excerpts from some old (though new for non-Japanese fans I think) Japanese interviews from the 2003-2004 period. The excerpts were posted on a Japanese message board (Sources: 1 & 2 & 3), and I guess these interviews are fairly famous amongst Japanese fans.

Thought I would post the translations on here as well, in case others haven't had a chance to read them yet.

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behind the scenes in Amsterdam & Ally Pally
writing on the wall

Trying to catch up on everything from the tour...I' m sure everyone has already seen them, but thought these photos kind of deserved their own post on here...

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Pete and the Grotifant
At the gig in Düsseldorf Pete got surprised by the "Grotifant", the mascot of KFC Uerdingen, the football team he supported when he lived in Krefeld, Germany. Krefeld is not far away from Düsseldorf.

He seemed to be a bit confused by the elefant. :D

Two pictures and a video:



Drew & Carl
Carl's Instagram:

11 hours ago

The First Supper

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Drew's Instagram:

1 hour ago
@instagram_parsonz & @carlbarat78 Karl Marx Shredz

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The April Rainers
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John's band have a twitter page now: https://twitter.com/TheAprilRainers

and are recording an LP

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