The Libertines Up The Bracket + Get Along (Benicássim 2014)

7:25 minutes of shirtless Carl, enjoy!

The Libertines - Last Post On The Bugle [live @ Benicassim, Spain 19-07-14]

This is where the “shoe“ GIFs are from.

Just for fun eh??

And topless Carl can never hurt anyone.


XFM Benicassim Full Interview

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Benicassim concert audio link
lib or death
concerninghumans on tumblr has posted recording of audio from livestream (with download link-updated):

Update: (via ablionsailsoncourse) FIB radio has now posted the stream: ..they start ~42:45 minutes in.

Update2: Extra minutes of concert missing from radio livestream here:

And download link with individual tracks:

XFM interview with Libertines at Benicassim
group hug
Somone has posted the audio to tumblr:

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Update: Teaser video of the interview from XFM

Radio Link/ Benicassim

You might just want to turn your dial to XFM tonight. You never know just WHO they might bump into at Benicassim…..

The Libs are playing as I write - I've no idea how long it's been on for, as I only found the link about 10 mins ago.
It's fantastic quality - the guitars sound magnificent and Carl's vocal is blindingly passionate and intense. :))))
Boys in the Band is on at the mo... Music when the lights go out and What Katie Did were the first 2 I heard...Can't Stand Me Now is just starting..

What a Waster...or how Peter licked Carl

This is not mine, I am only sharing this. Originally posted here:

video from Nos Alive
bowie gun
The Libertines - I Get Along / The Ha Ha Wall (NOS Alive 2014)

The last two minutes in particular are...rather enjoyable. GIFs have been made on tumblr.

Anyway, as you were.

Libertines announce album to be recorded in Hamburg!
I dont know if this is interesting for anyone but this was printed in the german music magazine "Musik Express"
It is of course in german but says quotes Pete saying the album will very likely be recorded in Hamburg.
(Pls be gentle its my first entry ever :)

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