new Libs short film by Roger Sargent
group hug
Announced on The Libertines facebook to be coming soon

(the quotes they are referring to come from some of the extra interviews of No Innocent Bystanders I think)

Peter's Article In The Independent
innocent peter
Pete Doherty: To anyone struggling with addiction, just hang on — for more than ten years I've been powerless, but there's a way out

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And Carl's tweet:

& dedication:

New update on Peter's Blog


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Carl Barat & Jackals Session on XFM
curious cal
With Danielle Perry which aired 18/11/14. You can listen to it, @ 2:03:00 in, here:

Update: youreimpossible has a download link

Halcyon days are coming- eh? <3

"24 hours completely clean and then…..

Posted on 17 November 2014 by Peter

a head pops around the door of my little hut…its ——, mind-map guru and 10 years clean h and crakk shotting car jacking south London chelsea supporting rude boy type.

“Pete are you alright”

Ive been mostly upbeat I think but now the methadone has stopped I have resorted to the fetal position . Under the white duvet. Moaning occasionally.

“yeash I’m not alright…it’s not just in the mind” is my babbled response.
10 mil of methadone is found…in my little box beside the bed.
“that was for absolute emergencies” I say.
He tuts. Shakes head. Laughs.
“You can’t stockpile methadone Peter..” door closes “we’ll look after you, we have a plan for you….”
“which is…
Door shuts. I lie back. Methadone kicks in. Out of bed. Go to feed ‘Big Eyed Bug’ the pet Lizard absentmindedly. All the butterflies escape. Tis a wonderful sight. He doesn’t eat butterflies anyway. Fussy fucker."

And then there is this...:)

this makes me smile so stupidly...just Awwwwwww! <3

Katia posted that on.her Facebook page i ll add a link if you want one?

more blog posts + Carl's story
peter smoking
Peter's posted more to his blog:

Also, Carl has a funny story of bringing a guitar for Peter to Thailand that he shared on the XFM radio show segment. Video of it courtesy elides on tumblr:

And a transcript courtesy jxckals:
...And when it got to the other end I opened the box and I tried to lift it out to check it wasn’t broken - to check that no one had hidden any smack in there and it wasn't gonna get me machine gunned to death - and I opened the box and it just exploded everywhere! There was plywood everywhere - and I said to the woman who was watching, I went ‘uh, can you help me with this’ - she went ‘AHAHAHA’ - that was actually laughing - she was in hysterics, didn't help me at all, I was fuming. And then I went and told Pete and he was laughing, but he didn’t realise it was a present for him! Who had the last laugh! But yeah I gotta get it fixed. That was a bummer. But apart from that Thailand was grand.

News on Carl & The Jackal's album 'Let It Reign'
misty carl
Via Carl's Facebook, Carl & Jackals website, email list etc...


Track Listing:
Glory Days
Victory Gin
Summer In The Trenches
A Storm Is Coming
Beginning To See
March Of The Idle
We Want More
War Of The Roses
The Gears
Let It Rain
The King Is Me (iTunes only bonus track)

Release Date: February 16th 2015

Preordering available now from Itunes, Amazon etc, and official Carl Barat store

The 'Glory Days' video is playing again now too...

statement from the rehab center
peter gaze

Via the NME:

Pete Doherty has spent the last month in a Thai rehab facility and is interested in using his position to help others struggling with drug addiction. Doherty is currently being treated for his well-documented heroin addiction at Hope Rehab in Bangkok. As revealed earlier today, bandmate Carl Barât has visited him while he seeks help and the pair have written five new Libertines songs together. A statement given to NME by a spokesperson for Hope confirms that Simon Mott, the founder of Hope Rehab Thailand, has an established relationship with Doherty and managed to convince him to try again.

It stated: "[Mott] believes a change in environment is important for recovery and invited Pete to get involved with his new treatment project in Thailand. Many addicts do not fit into conventional rehabs, however today he [Doherty] is a month into his recovery of a well-documented heroin addiction. Peter does not suit typical treatment approaches - clinical environments limited by their setting and formality."

"I think there is a difference between motivation and inspiration, we have designed our program to include many of the wonders Thailand has to offer visitors," Mott says. "Peter is not only a talented musician but a strong character who has a lot to offer – He has expressed a wish to use his influence to help other struggling addicts. Together with Hope he wants to start a trust funding treatment places."

Peter blogs again...thank fuck!

Aseanflag…red circle with a yellow bushel of wheat sheaf(ish) in it innit?

Posted on 12 November 2014 by Peter
with a white piping around the edge of the red sun an d a blue background.

Red whites and blues common in flags of the region…. Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore…

reds and whites all over thew so called ‘Asean’ flags, also yellows and Blacks (see Malaysian ‘stars, moons and stripes in photo next to sheaf union flag)

I have also added a snap of the Brunei flag…. bleeding strange affair from the big man there …. a unique enough flag and that’s no lie
we may see a return of the Tatty nut soonish if he gets more bored i predict:)
looks much better too as it seems
sorry indulge me please this makes me just too fucking happy

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