Carl Pic at Facebook
This was posted on the Carl Barat (Argentina) at Facebook

"This doctrine"

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He looks scrumptious and I'd not seen the pic before :)))

This is the new cover pic there - when Carl was in Argentina this page was fantastic - the stuff there seemed to be very intimate, as if written by someone very close. I still keep it bookmarked now and often get them in a muddle as it's very hard to tell sometimes that it's not the official page.

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Drunk!Carl on Twitter is my favourite...
Peter & Carlos

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'Surviving A Tour' by Carl Barat
carl with drink
Published in Mr. Porter & illustrations by Emma Kelly:

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Some fun nostalgic bits from Tumblr...
Peter & Carlos
... because they need to be captured over here as well.

First up is this hilarious audio snippet taken from Carl's collab with Benjamin Biolay on a track called 'Vengeance', where he has a spoken bit, which features the following line:

'At first we kiss like friends, with our eyes open, almost laughing'

You can listen to it here (prepare to cringe/cry laughing).


A second discovery was Peter's job seeker's allowance form from Prince Charles Cinema, 1999, which has this under the reason for dismissal:

"Peter Doherty was dismissed for a long, ongoing series of minor breaches of his contract ie. forgot his uniform, was late often, ate popcorn behind the counter… but he was fantastic with customers and nice to be around. He is a poet!"

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Lyon Yesterday - 26/7
Tumblr: albionsailsoncourse:

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Carl - Twitter
I hope you all agree, but I felt this was so worthy of it's own post:

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Stimmen Festival/Drew Instagram

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(posted 30 mins ago backstage afterwards)

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The lipstick ;)

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(posted 15 mins ago)

Interview with Carl - Part 2
Part 2 of the translation of the interview in Musik-express. Just a short bit.

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Yes, Peter is on instagram now, with an amazing username :)
ps. Drew is following
edit: looks like it have history

have we already admired this enough?
Knowing how long it took him...we should celebrate!

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