Let It Reign NME review + video interview
misty carl
The NME rated it 8/10

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And some live clips + video interview with Carl & Billy Tessio: http://www.nme.com/nme-video/carl-bart-live-venue-problem-in-britain-looks-bleak/4005088093001

Carl DJing photos
carl with drink
From Club Kamikaze on 28/1/15

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Carl in February Rock & Folk
curious cal
Photos courtesy Carl's facebook page

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Update: some scans from the digital version

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Carl in Loaded Magazine
carl gaze
Scans courtesy albion-sails-on-course

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New Peter blog post
peter make-up
Peter put up a new blog post with the behind-the-scenes video for the "Flags of the Old Regime" music video shoot, and this photo, which I suppose explains that comment about the mud pack ruining his suit he made to Zane Lowe.


Two Peter interviews
writing on the wall
One with Zane Lowe:

Pete Doherty sends Zane Lowe a message from Thailand about headlining T in the Park 2015 and forthcoming new music from The Libertines, including a song called Anthem For Doomed Youth.

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And an interview with the Daily Record

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Libs to Headline T In The Park Festival
leeds mic share
From The Guardian:

Organisers of the T in the Park music festival have announced that the Libertines will be one of this summer’s headline acts. The indie rockers are the first to be named as performers at the Perthshire festival taking place between 10 and 12 July. This summer’s event will be the first at T in the Park’s new home in the grounds of Strathallan Castle in Perthshire.

Festival director Geoff Ellis said: “The Libertines are a truly iconic British band, revered as cult heroes by a generation of music fans and adored by the Scottish crowd. They chose Scotland as the destination for their live return on home soil last June, and raised the roof of the Barrowlands with two exhilarating shows. We can’t wait to welcome them back in what is a historic year for T in the Park, as we take up residency at our beautiful new home, Strathallan Castle."

While Down in Albion...

Carl drunktweeted  again and was in a riddle mood...apparently instead people must have send  him smut instead cos he complained about that...better be quick to check out the fun..One he wake up it might be gone again...x

Meanwhile in the PeterVerse...

Ps manager instagramed:

Yay...but the tanned P still amuses me:)


A couple of early album reviews for 'Let it Reign'
misty carl
From Q Magazine, courtesy the Carl Barat facebook (4 out of 5 stars):

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And another review from Alt sounds ( 57%)

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